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Chu Hóa commune - Việt Trì city - Phú Thọ province - Vietnam



(0210). 6284868 ; 6570386 ; 6502119



(0210). 2493979

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cshk@vibaco.com.vn - acquyvinhphu@yahoo.com




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31 - 10 - 1978  

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10 - 10 - 2005



Manufacturing and trading of lead acid battery, H2SO4 acid, plastic products, lead and all kinds of supplies and goods related to battery products.

Vinh Phu battery joint stock company (formerly Vinh Phu Battery Factory) was built in October 1973 and went into production on October 31, 1978 with a designed output of 60,000KW. / year, on an area of ​​100,000 m2. In which, the factory ground area is using 60,000m2, the remaining 40,000m2 floor area is waiting for cooperation to expand production.
From October 2005, the company was transformed into Vinh Phu Battery Joint Stock Company with a holding of 36% of the State capital (Vietnam Chemical Group). From 2006 to now, the Company has invested in changing new equipment and modern technologies to raise the current capacity to 150,000 KWh battery / year.
Over 30 years of construction and development, the Company has been awarded a second-class Labor Medal by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a 3rd-class Labor Medal and many certificates of merit and certificates from the provincial People's Committee. Phu Tho and Vietnam Chemical Group.
Main products: Vinh Phu battery joint stock company is producing and supplying high quality VP, Vibatte, JS brand lead acid batteries.
With our new adapted technology from US and Europe, our batteries promise to satisfy all your need. Our products have outstanding features compared to other products of the same type: high capacity, long lifespan, excellent dry-charged ability and fast charging which is currently used in various type of vehicles such as electric vehicle, motorbikes, cars, trains, ships, etc. Moreover, we also produce specialized battery for military applications (tanks, armoured vehicles and aircrafts) and accept customary order.
- Starter batteries for cars, ships made from PP plastics having capcity range between 35Ah – 220Ah
- Special types of fixed battery type 2V, 6V, 8V, 10V to 48V with capacity from 150Ah to 480Ah for forklifts and trains
- Golf carts batteries using advanced USA technology
- VRLA batteries with US technology used for electric vehicles such as tourist cars, electric bike and motorbike
- Flooded batteries for motorcycle using our own electrolyte technology to improve the battery lifespan and capacity
- Maintenance-free VRLA motorbike batteries
- Tubular lead acid battery with Japanese technology used for forklift (with voltage range from 2-48V and capacity range from 150Ah-750Ah) and mining tram (capacity range from 330Ah-620Ah)
- Dry – charged battery used for motorbikes and cars using our own developed electrolyte technology to improve lifespan and capacity which is very suitable for long distance shipping (shipped as dry battery without electrolyte for safety reason)
- Specialized batteries sold to Vietnamese Minister of national defense using Russian technology, mainly used for tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft
Quality management:
Currently, the products of our company are manufacturing according to the international quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 and according to Vietnamese quality standards: TCVN 4472-1993, TCVN 5177-1993, TCVN 7348- 2003.
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